The Mystery Genre

This specific genre manages to catch our attention from a very early age. As kids we were easily perplexed and can remember that the feeling dates back to our first mystery solving attempts. Trying to decipher where did that last piece of pie go, or who took our favorite toy, and what is, in fact, adulating? All of these vexing questions just go to show that our need to find things out is very potent and long-lasting. So, posing questions and solving puzzles comes to us as second nature. We endlessly keep looking for clues and can’t help but feel excited as the story unfolds.

different novels Stephen King provided. Some of the best literature belongs to the scope of mystery or detective novels, tantalizing and entertaining people since a few centuries back. We are all familiar with the classic stories written by Agatha Christie showcasing her beloved character Hercule Poirot, Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Sherlock Holmes series, and many different novels Stephen King provided. All of these more or less belong to somewhat classic or more traditional literature.

However, mysteries can be found even in less serious entertainment. In popular culture we may come across it more frequently than we expect. Think about all the crime shows which are aired lately. Think about the variety of mystery movies you’ve watched. Most interestingly, what category do you think Scooby Doo falls into? It is apparent that the interest we nurture for this type of story-telling occupies our minds since we are kids to a mature age.

Mysteries keep your thoughts occupied

Taking all of this into consideration, it is no surprise that the mystery genre has proliferated through the last couple of centuries. It has intrigued every generation and created more space to expand into many directions. Inevitably, the genre had to have some innovations and changes to fit the needs of its audience. The effect of its development includes new characters we might find in mysteries, different themes, an elaborate plotline and even plots within plots.

Mysteries keep your thoughts occupiedThe demand for this type of fiction has got us where we are now. By employing amazing writers to see to our readers’ needs we have bridged the gap between the need for good mysteries and our customers. We will provide exactly what you wished for. Whether you want the classic quirky detective story, the traditional “who done it” atmosphere, or the awry setting every mystery needs – we will see to it.

You can find between mysteries which include a touch of romance in an understated chemistry between two characters. Maybe you are more interested in a mystery with elements of horror which will make you get goosebumps. If you enjoyed the eerie atmosphere provided by Edgar Allan Poe’s works we will surely have something that will interest you. Even if you like to follow the typical crime-solving process involving a police or detective hunt there will be something in our selection for you. These mind-blowing storylines will instantly rouse your interest because we employ great writers to fit the needs of our versatile readers.