How to Find a Good Corporate Lawyer

The success of every business is dependent on two professionals; an accountant and a lawyer. The reasons for hiring an accountant is pretty obvious and getting a good accountant who manages your account is simple, however, finding a good lawyer for your business who can excellently give assistance in various aspect in the business such as zoning compliance, trademark and copyright advice, lawsuit and liability, and formal business corporation is not a walk in the park.

Finding a good lawyer can be a daunting task and if you are planning to hire one, don’t be discouraged because we care so much about you. We went out hunting and came with these five keys to choosing the right attorney for your business.

Figure out the time you need a lawyer

Most businesses look for lawyers when they get into trouble, but you don’t have to wait until that time; establishing a crucial relationship with a lawyer as soon as you start your business the better for your business’ growth. Get in touch with a corporate lawyer and ask about their rates for basic services such as business formation or initial consultation and if possible, record that budget together with the financial needs of your business. Hire an attorney before taking money from inventors, entering into a lease, forming a partnership, or when putting a product in the market.

Pick a law firm of the right size

Good business lawyers are diverse from small firms to big firms and solo practitioners and the choice you make can either have a positive or negative influence on your business. For corporate, it’s recommendable to find a large law firm to work with or have your own in-house legal department. However, if the best large law firm you might think of represents large government entities or perhaps fortune 500 companies, it could be a challenge to represent each individual client and might not be there for you when you need them the most.


But given that large law firms are loaded with benefits, it’s wise to work with a solo attorney on a regular and ongoing basis and look for large firm’s services for specific projects. The law firm you choose must be willing to join forces with outside attorneys.

Find a lawyer with whom you are comfortable with their fee structure

The lawyer you choose to represent your business should not be afraid to discuss fees with you, and neither should you. Considering financial needs is paramount in planning for your legal costs. Gone are the days when lawyers used to work on hourly basis, and are now billing a fixed amount for every service. You can talk to your lawyer about the payment method you are comfortable with, be it fixed fee billing or a hybrid of hourly. Either way, the one you choose must depend on your projects.

Find a lawyer who understands your business

Just because your friend’s business is successful because of the attorney they have hired is not enough reason to hire same lawyers to represent your business. You must understand that all businesses are different and yours will require someone who understands your market or niche to avoid communication challenges. This means that the attorney you hire must be willing to learn and understand your strategic partners, main customer, and what your business does every day.

With technology at its best, you can easily find attorney with a click of a button. For instance, there are many lawyers in Miami Dade County with different specializations. All you need to do is to look for the profile of business lawyers, their working experience, and determine whether they will be good for your business.

Tour the lawyer’s law office

After deciding whether to go for a large law firm or a solo attorney, tour their law office and trust me, the office will tell you more about what to expect from that lawyer. Request for a brief tour of the office and analyze it. Look whether it is orderly, neat, well-run and efficient. Also, ask yourself whether it’s accessible and whether you can count on the lawyer in case of emergency. Also, analyze the staff to determine whether they are helpful and if they answer phone calls promptly. If the office pleases you, you can go ahead and hire that lawyer and expect good returns.

Final thoughts

Finding a good lawyer could be a daunting task but once you get one, you are sure that your business is secure. One thing to remember is that lawyers are human beings and therefore, they are prone to making mistakes. When you realize that he or she is doing anything against your expectations, talk to them and let them know your thoughts. Most importantly, follow the above steps towards finding the best lawyer for your business