History of Native American Jewelry

America is famous for a lot of things but one of the most interesting facts is that it is home to the Native American people. They’ve always had unique and developed civilizations which amazed the rest of the world for ages. Their culture and tradition vary from tribe to tribe. However, their collective approach to life cannot be found in other-worldly cultures making them authentic and worthy of respect.


Their aesthetic is something that has mesmerized people for centuries. Their approach to craftsmanship and art is nothing short of genius. Even in ancient times, we found that they had extreme architectural and artistic achievements. Their work perplexes us even today.


The most interesting part of their appeals is their appearance. Their clothing and paint are both colorful and meaningful. Their jewelry got praised whenever someone encountered it. Their approach to beauty is mind-blowingly different because it gives new light to the meaning of prestige.

History of Their Jewelry

The earliest known pieces of Native American jewelry were located in Alaska and are old over 10 000 years. Though they were used to represent personal style and decoration they were also sold as pieces of art. The tribes would have worked together and not as competitors which probably helped them develop such elaborate styles. They would collaborate if they were in neighboring tribes and would copy designs from one another. They would also use styles they encountered when trading with other nations. This tradition lives on even today.



They use jewelry to show their aesthetic inclinations and to reflect their personal style. They paint a picture of their culture and approach to life while incorporating history into their work. The jewelry was often used for ceremonies, trade or just for decoration.


They make every sort of jewelry you could think of. They produce earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, clothing accessories, pendants and much more. They typically use beads, turquoise, coral, and shells but would equally use materials like wood, bone, even teeth, claws, and feathers. They would also use a wide variety of metals and plants, and any gemstones they would come across.


This is a longstanding branch of their culture and will not cease to exist. The tradition of jewelry production continues in their tribes even today and is constantly developing. This is one of the ways in which they would communicate thoughts and ideas without using words. The adornment itself would tell the story instead of them. It was and remains one of the most creative ways to convey information and communicate with our fellow men. It is a statement of the individual and often carries the legacy of the tribe they belong to.

Modern Age

The tribes which are still making remarkable pieces of artwork are the Navajo, the Hopi, and The Zuni, though many others also fall into this category of renowned and creative jewelry makers. They offer a wide array of authentic Native American jewelry in many different and exciting materials. Their style is intricate and original. It is simply beyond compare.