How Do You Clean a Biohazard?

Unlike standard or business cleanup, biohazard cleaning is not for everybody and requires specialized equipment and a high level of experience. Most people feel that biohazards such as vomit, feces, and blood in the home are less dangerous but the truth is that they are extremely dangerous and improper cleanup may raise safety and health risks and even cause further damage. Most importantly, it is important to understand how to safely clean up biohazards, not only for your health as well as that of your pets but also to spare your carpets, drapes, and furniture. Keep reading to know how biohazard clean up is done.

How to stay safe from biohazards

First things first, you should stay safe from biohazards by wearing face masks, protective clothing, eyewear, and disposable gloves. It is possible to keep rubber or latex gloves in the bathroom and kitchen, and because they’re cheap, it’s better to have them for protection. Biohazards cleanup can expose you to HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C, and other blood-borne pathogens and therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

First, contain the biohazard

After putting on your disposable gloves, carry a wastebasket with a plastic liner to the area you want to be cleaned. Blood or other liquids can be cleaned using an old cotton towel or heavy paper toweling while solid materials can be cleaned using a dustpan or any other material that can excellently scoop the biohazard into a waste can. Once you dispose of the biohazard in the trash, wash your hands thoroughly.

Cleaning up blood in your household

Cleaning up blood in your householdSpill on a hard surface is cleaned using bleach solution and paper towels. According to experts, bleach kills most pathogens and viruses but it is recommendable to leave the solution on the contaminated area for at least 10 minutes after which, you should wash with a detergent solution and rinse. For fabrics, blot the contaminated area with seltzer water to get rid of remaining blood. According to research, blood exposes you to bloodborne pathogens (BBP) as well as biohazards that range from bacteria such as MRSA to viruses such as Hepatitis. Instead of putting your health at risk, consider Spaulding Decon biohazard cleanup for professional cleaning.

Feces and vomit (pet or human)

Pets and children make messes all over the house with their poop and vomit. Feces contain pathogens like parasites and bacteria and you should clean hard surfaces by obtaining solid and then use a disinfectant cleaner. Carpets should be cleaned by getting solid and then cleaning using hydrogen peroxide. Most importantly, vomit should be cleaned by sprinkling with absorbent material such as baking soda and cleaning with a disinfectant cleaner.