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Judith Campbell
ISBN 978-0-9861780-7-8 paperback, 978-0-692-78319-1 e-book
Paperback $16.95, e-book $3.99

Blurb: No. 10 in the Olympia Brown Mystery Series: Plymouth, Massachusetts, America’s home town, is shaken to its colonial core when Mayflower descendent and well-heeled member of the community, Thomas Bradford, is found dead in the wrong bed. As in any other town, there are secrets better left buried with the ancestors. It isn’t long before the Rev. Olympia Brown is dead center of an unholy firestorm and trying to keep her balance on the horns of a curious ethical dilemma.


On most days Victoria Wellsteen was rarely up before noon. Today, the first Monday in February, was an exception. She worked as a professional sex escort, and understandably much of her work took place in the evening. She needed her beauty sleep and was almost religious about making sure she got it.

She was paid exceedingly well for her services, and she knew exactly how and where to market her skills as a horizontal entertainer. In the dark world of strange appetites and kinky obsessions, she was one of a kind, a mistress of her craft and head and shoulders (and anything else you asked for) above the others. Her prices were high, her services varied according to the preferences of the client. And because she could afford to be, she was highly selective as to whom she did business with. To her it was a job, and she made no apologies. It’s what she did to pay the rent. She’d already made and invested enough money to retire comfortably, but in truth she enjoyed her work. She liked meeting new people, and she liked to keep busy. Since she wasn’t quite ready to take up knitting or charity work, and she still could keep them interested, why not? It beat the hell out of a nine-to-five day job with some jerk telling her what to do all the time.

She yawned, pushed the wispy, silvery blonde hair out of her eyes and headed for the kitchen and the coffee pot. First things first. She had a healthy appetite for all things pleasurable, and food was high on the list. Later this morning she had a meeting with Norman Stickney, her long-time financial planner. That evening she had a second date with a promising john. Two high-powered business appointments of a decidedly different nature, and she needed to be running smoothly on all cylinders for both of them. If things continued to go smoothly, in a few more years she could stop working completely and be comfortably set for the rest of her life. She was no fool. Like baseball players, dancers and opera singers, she knew it was inevitable that one day she would age out of her profession. She wanted the choice to be hers, and she wanted to be well set up when it happened.