Best Leadership Speakers to Follow in 2018

Motivation speakers can be a real god send in today’s world. They have proven to be effective in making people find the will to work and make the economy strong and productive. Also a lot of company owners have found it useful to use motivation speakers to bust moral and production in the company.

There are a lot of speakers you can contact to help you, so we took the liberty to make list of the best leadership speakers that are out there in today’s world. These people can inspire and make us laugh; they can also motivate us to achieve more than we believed we could. They are excellent teachers about life and how to adjust your attitude so you get the most from your interactions with people and you can make your business and life strong and thriving. These people will turn all of us into excellent and capable leaders, experts in our fields.  

Les Brown

This man is famous among the motivation speakers for several reasons. He has a strong charisma that will make you want to listen to him all day and find out what stories he has to share with you. Before he became a motivation speaker full time he was in politics where he had great success.

les brown

His life story is inspiring and you will discover that all obstacles can be overcome with the right attitude; this is what makes him so good at his job and an expert in motivating people to do great things with their lives. Besides all that we mentioned he is an excellent keynote speaker and an inspiring and prolific writer.

Nik Vujicic

This man hast taken over the world with his incredible life story and struggle that this man has overcome in his life. He is an inspiring figure among speakers in general and among people because of his life and his life philosophy that will make you regret not giving a hundred percent thru your life.


This man has not let anything get in his way and there are no limitations to his life and the things he can do. Besides being a speaker and motivating people to move in their lives he is also a dedicated father and husband, someone everyone can learn from.

Eric Thomas

This man has gone thru a lot in his life, he was a high school dropout and later in life he even became homeless and had to live on the street for some time. But thru his hardships he did not lose hope and his positive outlook and spirit made him strong enough to survive all that was thrown at him.


After the suffering comes some light, and he was finally able to use his good will to help himself and others. His speeches are inspiring and his YouTube videos are becoming a big hit, some say even better than the speeches. This is a man we should pay attention to because his life and story are inspiring like his speeches.