About Us

mystery genr

Mainly Murder Press was created to offer mystery fans the best of this popular genre. One of the most creative writing you can come across, the mystery genre lends itself easily to creative interpretation and innovation.

Here you will find exciting new voices to get to know and enjoy, whether you are seeking quirky characters, hard-boiled detectives, or lively amateur sleuths.

Mainly Murder Press is an independent, royalty-paying publisher committed to producing books of top quality. Our writers are carefully chosen for the excellence of their work. We are also very attentive to our editing and design processes which in turn result in products that are mind-blowing. We are a traditional publisher in every respect except one: the process used to print our books.

The traditional offset printing process has a huge environmental impact. We have a more contemporary outlook on the impact of our production process. Thousands of copies of each title are printed, then trucked to warehouses, stored, shipped out, received back in if unsold, and ultimately returned to the publisher or trucked to the dump.

The negative environmental impact associated with this wasteful process in large part motivated Mainly Murder Press to “go green” with a print-on-demand (POD) publishing model. Simply put, POD production means that our titles are printed only when orders generate a demand for them. This makes us both ecologically and customer friendly. Customers benefit from maximum product quality, value and convenience, and the environment benefits from a minimum impact.

We look forward to serving you.